Interview to an emerging Illustrator artist. The case of Paulina Choleva

Today I am delighted to introduce a great graphic designer and illustrator artist, who can help inspire young designers to draw their path.

She’s a talented 31 years old French lady, having acquired certification as Adobe Illustrator instructor.

Her design style is technically perfect and semantically full of meaningful correspondences. Each design is the playground of corresponding colours and shapes to a higher. She mainly represents women and their dreams.

I interviewed her, trying to highlight the path she did up to today. When you meet someone so young and so talented, the only question that is left is: what’s next?


1) when and how did you start designing?  (As a child with pencils, as adult with paintbrush, …)

“I started drawing a bit on the pc during my studies, and then it was at the end of my master’s degree that I decided to take things a step further.  At the beginning I was doing really simple things, before I gradually learned to improve myself.”

 2) when did you decide to subscribe to a professional software like Adobe?  How long did you take to feel comfortable with it?  

“I started using Adobe during my studies, to do my project presentations. The first software I really mastered was Illustrator. I was able to get a better handle on Photoshop during my job in a company.  I think there’s something to learn in this software every day!  There are always techniques that we do not know about this software.  But I would say I needed about 1/2 years for Illustrator.”

 3) when did you decide to become a professional illustrator and how did you discover your style?  Which is your source of inspiration and your message?

I started working on illustration in a digital studio, while I was also freelancing.  Then a few months ago I embarked on the adventure of 100% freelance.  I’ve always had different styles and it was during confinement that I mixed my different techniques a bit so I now have my own style!  I’ve been drawing for 5 years, so it takes a long time, it took me 5 years in all :).  My sources of inspiration are women, nature, poetry and feelings.”

 4) which are the main point of weakness and of strength of the current design tools?  How would you improve them for a more comfortable designing experience?

I mainly use my iPad Pro and my Adobe Suite, it significantly reduces the working time compared to drawing by hand!  What is improving more and more is the quality of the brushes, we can now have a paint or pencil rendering that is extremely close to a real rendering, that’s impressive!  The weak point I would say when it bug ^^ or the risk of losing files with digital.”

 5) which are the difficulties in being a designer as a job?

As a freelancer, even if it’s been a short time for me, the difficulty is to stay focused and organize your time!  As well as not to panic if you have fewer customers etc.  In short, you have to manage everything yourself but it also allows you to organize your time as desired!”

 6) is there a difference between design and digital art?

In my opinion, pure design is with or without digital tools, the aim of design matters. About digital art, as well, it is the scope of the design that matters, more than the tool that is used


The real name of Paulina Choleva is Marion Blanc. Marion created an artistic figure, to tell her stories about design. Marion is really an artist and you can follow her on Instagram at @paulinacholeva

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